Exploring the Mysteries of Snapchat Planets Order: 2024 Guide to Its Comprehensive Layout

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Snapchat Planets Order

Did you know that there are eight planets in our solar system, each with its own unique characteristics and mysteries waiting to be unraveled? Recently, Snapchat’s innovative and interactive features have given avid Snapchatters a front-row seat to explore these celestial bodies.

Being an avid Snapchatter, have you ever wondered about the order of these planets and what they signify?

Well, this platform is without a doubt, the most popular social media app among Gen Z users. Although this messaging app is full-packed in itself, the paid plan empowers users to access experimental, pre-release, and exclusive features. 

So there you have it – Snapchat’s planet order is more than just a random sequence. It represents growth, diversity, innovation, and impact. If you want to know What Does Time Sensitive Mean On Snapchat, then click here now.

In this guide, we’ll continue to explore the wonders of Snapchat’s solar system and the endless possibilities on the platform. Buckle up for an interstellar ride through friendship profiles and solar systems. It’s time to discover what lies beyond the stars!

What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus

Snapchat Plus is a third-party version of the Snapchat app that offers additional features and capabilities that are not available in the official app. It is technically an altered version of the platform, created by independent developers, and is not endorsed or supported by Snapchat Inc.

Some of the added features in Snapchat Plus include:

  • Saving Snaps: With Snapchat Plus, users can save snaps and stories to their camera roll without the sender being notified.
  • Longer Videos: In the standard version, videos can only be up to 10 seconds long, but with Plus, you can record longer videos.
  • Custom Filters: Create custom filters for snaps using images from the camera roll with the plus version.
  • Unlimited Text: In the regular app, there is a limit on how much text one can add to a snap, but with Snapchat Plus, there is no limit.
  • Location Spoofing: You can fake your location on Snap Map with the Plus version.

Plus, it gives you the option to filter down to the closest eight friends and arrange them close in a circle similar planets to the sun. This concept is pretty simple and lets people connect with their best friends. 

To further spice up the user experience, the premium version lets you pick a best friend and use stunning attributes like ghost trails, pin contact as BFF, customized chat wallpapers, and story re-watches count.

Let’s delve into the Snapchat best friends list planets…

What is Snapchat Solar System?

Many users around the globe are still unaware of what do the planets mean on Snapchat. Well, this is a revolutionary concept where each planet represents a specific feature on the app. 

From Mercury, symbolizing snaps sent daily, to Neptune, representing change and evolution, each planet has its own significance in this cosmic social media space. 

With an estimated 265 million active users sending over 4 billion snaps per day, it’s no wonder that Snapchat’s solar system is constantly expanding and evolving. As the app grew in popularity and functionality, so did its planetary system. 

To know it further, buckle up for an interstellar ride through friendship profiles and solar systems because it’s time to discover what lies beyond the stars!

Decoding the Planet Names: What Do the Planets Mean on Snapchat 

Snapchat has become known for its creative and unique features, including the use of planet names to represent different levels of interaction between users. 

What happens is each planet represents a different level of friendship or connection with another user. The order of the planets on Snapchat is not random and has a specific meaning behind it.



In traditional astrology, Mercury is known as the planet of communication and intelligence. It is associated with quick thinking, adaptability, and technology. In the Snapchat planet order, Mercury is the first planet on Snapchat and represents the newest connections or friends that you have recently added.

Just like Mercury is the closest planet to the sun in our solar system, it refers to the people who are closest to you in terms of recent interactions. In simple terms, when you chat and share snaps with someone a lot, the platform assigns the red planet Mercury along with 5 red hearts in the solar system.



After Mercury comes Venus, which represents your “best friends” on Snapchat. Venus is the second planet in the Snapchat solar system and belongs to the user’s second-closest friend. These are the people you interact with most frequently and have a strong connection with.

This planet is in light brown along with yellow, pink, and blue hearts revolving around it.  Just like Venus is known as the “morning star” and shines brightly in the sky, these friends shine bright in your life. 



Next up is Earth, it is a home planet that represents stability, grounding, and practicality in traditional astrology. According to Snapchat’s planet order, it symbolizes all your regular friends on Snapchat.

Since it is the third planet in the solar system, it corresponds to a user’s third-best friend. These are people you have added and interact with occasionally but not as frequently as your best friends.

Considering its appearance, it is portrayed by the same color as the real Earth and comes with a moon, stars, and red hearts around it.



In traditional astrology, Mars is known as the planet of action and energy. Mars represents your “snap streaks”, which are consecutive days of exchanging snaps with another user.

Just like Mars appears red in the sky, these streaks are a bit more intense and fiery than your regular friends and represent the fourth-closest friend. It appears as a red planet with stars and purple & blue hearts around its friendmoji.



Moving further out in the Snapchat planet order, we have Jupiter representing your “longest snap streak”. Jupiter refers to the person you have maintained the longest snap streak with, indicating a strong and long-lasting connection.

Jupiter corresponds to a user’s fifth-closest friend. Jupiter looks like an orange planet with red tints or a reddish-orange planet with dark orange strips. In addition, you can see stars revolving around it.



Saturn being the next important planet in this order emerges with a majestic ring. Saturn represents your “mutual best friends”. These are people who you share as best friends with another person on Snapchat. 

Just as you can see the rings of Saturn encircle the planet, these mutual best friends create a close-knit circle within your social circle.

It corresponds to the user’s sixth-closest friend and is denoted by an orange planet with a ring and stars.



Uranus is the seventh planet in Snapchat solar system order. It represents  “group chats”. Uranus symbolizes the inclusivity and diversity of these group conversations. It corresponds to a user’s seventh closest friend.

As you all know it is the farthest planet, likewise, it denotes the farther friend in the friend list. Uranus is represented as a green color planet with no hearts and a few stars around it.



The last planet in Snap planet order is Neptune, which represents the least close or the eighth friend in your friend list. It is a blue-colored planet with blue stars surrounding it.

How Does Snapchat’s Friend Solar System Work?

Have you ever wondered how Snapchat determines the order of friends in the friend solar system? Basically, it’s like a digital galaxy where the closest friends shine brightest! 

The friend solar system is based on interactions i.e. the more you chat, snap, and engage with someone, the closer they are to your center.

Each one of your friends is assigned a planet that represents their position in the social orbit. From Mercury for those you interact with the most to Neptune for acquaintances who are further out. 

Want to check where you stand in your friend’s solar system? Here is how you can check your friend’s snap planet order:

  1. Launch the Snapchat app and open your friend’s profile.
  2. Tap on the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge to reveal your position in their solar system.

This planetary alignment constantly shifts based on recent activity and communication patterns. So, keep that in mind.


Undoubtedly, Snapchat Planets Order stands out as a unique and mysterious feature that adds a layer of depth to the platform. You must agree that it’s a great way to group friends depends on how individuals are with each other.

From its intriguing planet names and meanings to the innovative friend solar system, you can constantly explore and decipher this enigmatic layout. The Planet Order not only impacts user experience but also sparks curiosity and engagement among users.

So next time you open up Snapchat and explore your friend’s solar system, remember to embrace the mystery that surrounds Snapchat Planets Order. 

Happy snapping!

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